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Written Physics I and II

Welcome to Written Physics I and II. Whether you’re just beginning your journey to certification, or you are a seasoned professional, you will find our Written Physics courses walk the perfect balance between classroom theory and clinical application.

The course is offered in two mediums, live or virtual, with the option to bundle the two. The live course is held in South Bend, IN or Las Vegas, NV. Live course students enjoy 2 days of intense lecture and review, receive over 200 pages of study material, and have the chance to interact directly with the instructor.*

Virtual students enjoy unlimited access to over 5 and a half hours of lectures, over 9 combined hours of study buddy problems, 15 power point presentations, and test taking tips from our password protected, mobile phone friendly, viewing platform.

We guarantee our full support and access until you pass your exam.

Thank you for researching our Written Physics I and II board review courses. We hope to see you at our next review session! If you have any questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 574.232.2305 or send us an e-mail at Happy studying!

Written Physics I and II Course Outline

This outline is compatible with the 2 Day On-site Intensive and Virtual Review Course:

  1. Radiation Basics
  2. Photon Interactions
  3. Radiation Generating Devices / Radiation Equipment
  4. Dosimetry Calculation Factors
  5. Clinical Considerations
  6. Specialty Procedures
  7. Electrons
  8. Imaging & Treatment Planning
  9. Brachytherapy
  10. Radiation Biology
  11. Radiation Safety and Equipment QA/QC
  12. Calculations

Live Course Information

The bundle includes the virtual material, the live sessions, and the study binder that will be mailed to you

Cost of Bundled Live and Virtual Review Course: $1,495

Test Dates

August 1, 2024 Part I

August 2, 2024 Part II

Schedule of Live Courses





May 4-5, 2024

Saturday-Sunday 8:00am-5:00pm EST South Bend, Indiana Part I
June 8-9, 2024 Saturday-Sunday 8:00am-5:00pm EST South Bend, Indiana

Parts II


I can absolutely say that the Arc Written review course helped me prepare for and pass my boards. I did pass the first time

Excellent! Having the material condensed really saved me a lot of time- I will definitely be back for the oral exam review. Vickie did a superb job in organizing the: course, materials, transportation, meals, etc.-excellent job Vickie! Brent did a great job in presenting a lot of material in a short time.

An excellent review by the instructor, which will have profound effect on our ABR written examination preparation. The course material is focused toward the ABR therapeutic radiologic physics written exam as a whole. I hope to come to the oral review course in the near future.

Very good. Helps to organize study priorities. Seem to touch on a bit of everything. I’m new to therapy and hope the topics covered are what is on the test this year.

Intensive, focuses the candidate on the task of taking the exam. Excellent location, Brent is really good.

Very well organized and thorough. Hope to see you for the oral review next year!

Great course! Thanks. I could point which areas I needed to concentrate on more…well balanced course overall.