Dosimetry and Physics

Board Review Courses

What is ARC...

Advanced Radiotherapy Consulting (ARC) is a multi-service radiation and health physics provider.

The enterprise completely believes in the fact that clinical, management, and training & education together can bring high quality and safe treatments to our patients.

Enhanced clinical competency combined with business acumen can provide our partners with
an added competitive advantage in today’s market.

ARC provides consulting through the following arms

Clinical Services


Training & Education

Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety

Radiation Oncology Management


Members of the ARC team are widely respected in the community. We will provide you with the best service possible.

Meet the Faculty

Founder, President, Instructor


"I have just found that I have passed on my first attempt thanks to your guidance. It would not have been possible without you."
Jason Coleman, CMD
"An excellent review by the instructor, which will have profound effect on our ABR written examination preparation."
Tapash Roy
"Excellent! Having the material condensed really saved me a lot of time- I will definitely be back for the oral exam review."
Melissa Wilson
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