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The Next live Diagnostic Physics Oral review course is March 22-23, 2020

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Diagnostic Physics Review Course Outline

  1. Radiography, mammography, fluoroscopy, and interventional imaging
    1. X-ray production, beam characteristics, interactions, and image-formation principles
    2. Types and characteristics of image detectors
    3. Clinical protocols for common imaging exams, fluoroscopy and interventional procedures
    4. Dose-reduction strategies including image noise assessment and dose metrics for all projection imaging modalities
    5. Artifacts
    6. Quality assurance, quality control
    7. Mammography accreditation, and MQSA standards
  2. Computed tomography
    1. CT system design and principles of operation
    2. Image-acquisition protocols, including helical acquisition and tube current modulation techniques
    3. CVone beam geometry; post-processing protocols, multi-planar and volumetric reconstruction
    4. Image noise assessment
    5. Dose metrics (CTDI, DLP, SSDE), and effective dose estimation
    6. Common CT artifacts
    7. Quality assurance, and CT accreditation program
  3. MRI and ultrasound
    1. MR equipment, principles of magnetization, resonance, and excitation
    2. MR pulse sequences, localization, acquisition, and processing
    3. Ultrasound (US) principles, beam properties, acquisition methods, signal processing, and image display
    4. Doppler US and color flow imaging principles and operation
    5. Common artifacts for MRI and US
    6. Siting requirements for MRI
    7. Quality assurance, and accreditation for MRI and US
  4. Informatics, image display, and image fundamentals
    1. Informatics infrastructure, standards, and patient security
    2. PACS-modality connectivity, workflow, display, and archive functions
    3. Image display requirements, characteristics, and calibration procedures
    4. Image processing techniques and qualitative data extraction
  5. Radiation, dosimetry, protection, and safety Radiation biology, radiation effects, and age/gender-specific risks
    1. Radiation protection principles, guidelines, and regulations
    2. Radiation dosimetry, detectors, standards, and units
    3. Radiation shielding design factors, barrier requirements, surveys, and reports
    4. Patient safety and error-prevention issues, including dose reduction, sentinel events, and MR- and US-specific safety issues

Live Course Information

Live courses are held in South Bend, IN. Registration and Breakfast begin at 8:30 EST Sunday morning with classes beginning at 7:30 EST and ending around 5:00 PM EST. Breakfast and lunch are provided on Sunday and Monday. While in South Bend, students are treated to dinner at Tippecanoe Place on Saturday night.

After Registration for a live course, students will be sent a confirmation e-mail with more course details and information on local hotels and airports.

Cost for Live or Virtual Review Course: $1,495

Cost of Bundled Live and Virtual Review Course: $1,495


2021May 1-4


2021August 14-17
Month Dates  
2021 April 10,2021
8:30 am – 12:30 pm EST
1st of 2 Sessions
2021 April 17, 2021
8:30 am – 12:30 pm EST
2nd of 2 Sessions
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