Welcome to Advanced Radiotherapy Consulting


My name is Brent Murphy, and I am the founder and president of ARC. Nineteen years ago, I returned to the Midwest to find the region 5-7 years behind emerging technologies.  It wasn’t anyone’s fault; there simply weren’t adequate training programs in place. From a corner bar here in downtown South Bend, 3 colleagues and I decided to change that. 

Since that time, we have been working to improve the fundamental knowledge base that this field requires to stay on top of emerging technologies. We have trained over 2000 radiation therapy professionals, coaching physicists and dosimetrists through their preparation for board exams, facilitating patient management for Radiation Oncology Nurses, or giving hospital administrators the tools they need in order to ensure a culture of safety and efficiency.  

This is a difficult time to be in the medical world. Competition between many health care providers is fraught with tension and secrecy. Naturally, this tension leads to a breakdown in communication, stifling conversation and creativity across the field. Our patients cannot afford such a breakdown.

Technology now offers us the opportunity to teach and learn from any location with an internet connection. In the spirit of open communication, we take full advantage of this opportunity. Many of our courses are entirely virtual, eliminating the need for expensive travel arrangements and extended absences from our patients, colleagues and families. 

As you explore the site, take note of the range of products that we have to offer for professionals at every stage of their career path. Drop by our Arc Edge site and find out how you can hone your treatment planning skills. Browse through syllabi for our comprehensive Physics and Dosimetry Board Review courses.  Find the program you need to stay ahead of our rapidly expanding field.

My devotion and my passion for this field has not changed. Fifteen years ago, I invested in myself and dedicated my time, energy and resources to providing the highest quality training programs for the latest and greatest technologies in order to give every patient a higher quality treatment experience.  That decision has brought me greater happiness and a stronger sense of purpose than any stock market  investment I could have made. It’s time for you to do the same. Don’t settle for the status quo for yourself or your patients. Invest in yourself.

With Passion,

Brent Murphy, MS, DABR

ARC Founder, President