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Virt-RON - On-line Radiation Oncology Nurse Training Programs

for Radiation Oncology and Medical Oncology Nurses



Merging Technology and Nursing - 12.5 CEUs

The technical field of radiation oncology has dramatically changed over the last five to ten years with the assimilation of computer technology, necessitating changes in patient management. The Virt-RON course:

  • Incorporates techniques on imaging, simulation, immobilization, treatment planning in language that is easy to understand from a nursing perspective
  • Describes dose distribution with diagrams of dose volume histograms.
  • Demonstrates the method for plan evaluation that dosimetrists, physicists and radiation oncologists perform for every treatment plan
  • Connects the latest technology with the nursing assessment and management in everyday clinical practice.
  • Highlights the rationale for developing many symptoms and management strategies.
  • Taught by nationally recognized radiation oncology nurse practitioners as well as experienced medical physicists and dosimetrists.

Today, the demands on the radiation oncology nurses are ever increasing in daily practices and they experience diverse patients with treatment plans that require specialized nursing care. The managed healthcare environment is also creating more restrictions on adequate staffing levels that in turn produce greater difficulty for radiation oncology nurses to find time and resources for training in the radiation oncology discipline. VirtRON is the solution!

We, at Virt-RON, believe that radiation oncology nurses are an integral member of the interdisciplinary team and seek formal training to assist in positively impacting patient care. VirtRON provides the fundamentals of radiation therapy principles, treatment planning and simulation that are supported with clinical examples that are easily understood and connected with the technical component in nursing care.

Radiation patients often encounter nurses as their first contact within the treatment process, thereby looking towards nurses as an informational resource. We want to empower oncology nurses to confidently communicate with patients, caregivers and the technical professionals in the radiation oncology department.



Foundations of Radiation Oncology - 6.5 CEUs

Medical Oncology Nurses… VirtRON is for YOU too!

Medical oncology is often the medical home for oncology patients, so the medical oncology nurse addresses a multitude of questions as the patient moves through various treatments.  VirtRON will help you prepare to answer such question thus positively impacting the patient experience and care they receive.

Radiation Oncology is somewhat isolated; which can lead to some intrigue as well as confusion. VirtRON will provide information associated with radiation therapy such as:

  • Highlights the members and qualifications of the radiation oncology team.
  • Common radiation oncology definitions and radiobiology.
  • Why radiation therapy is used and how radiation therapy works?
  • Pathophysiology of common side effects associated with radiation and evidence based rationale to manage the side effects. 

Radiation patients often encounter nurses as their first contact within the treatment process, thereby looking towards nurses as an informational resource. Our mission is to empower oncology nurses to confidently communicate with patients, caregivers and the technical professionals in the radiation oncology department.


Give us a call to enroll now (574) 232-2305.

Series 1: VirtRON Basics - 12.5 CEUs

Introduction Talks


Module 1: Radiation Basics

·         Radiation Biology Basics

·         Clinical Radiation Therapy Process

·         Radiation Definitions

·         Radiation Oncology Team

Complete Basics Post Test and Evaluation


Module 2: Pelvis Technical / Abdomen & Pelvis Side Effects

·         Gynecological Technical

·         Female Pelvis Side Effects

·         Prostate Technical

·         Male Pelvis Side Effects

·         Abdomen Side Effects

·         Dysuria

·         Sexuality

·         Diarrhea

·         Nausea and Vomiting

Complete Pelvic Post Test and Evaluation


Module 3: Breast/Lung Technical and Side Effects

·         Breast Technical

·         Breast Side Effects

·         Lung Technical

·         Thoracic Side Effects

·         Dermatitis

Complete Thoracic Post Test and Evaluation


Module 4: Head and Neck Technical and Side Effects

·         Head and Neck Technical

·         Head and Neck Side Effects

·         Mucositis

·         Pain

Complete Head and Neck Post Test and Evaluation


Module 5: Brain Technical and Side Effects

·         Brain Technical

·         Brain Side Effects

·         Fatigue

Complete Brain Post Test and Evaluation


Module 6: Emerging Technologies

·         Imaging Techniques

·         Treatment Delivery Techniques

·         Nuclear Oncology

Complete Emerging Technologies Post Test and Evaluation

This activity is awarded 12.5 contact hours by the Oncology Nursing Society. ONS is accredited as an approver of  continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s COA.



Coming Soon!!!

Series 2: VirtRON Speciality Procedure: Brachytherapy

LDR Brachytherapy

  • LDR Prostate
  • I-131 Ablations
  • Gyn Implants

HDR Brachytheapy

  • Partial Breast Irradiation
  • Prostate HDR
  • Lung
  • Nursing issues for LDR prostate, I-131 ablations, Gyn implants, PBI, Prostate HDR, SBRS, Concurrent therapies (radiosensitizers, radioprotectants)

Series 3: VirtRON Speciality Procedure: Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Indications for Treatment

Gamma Knife

Linac Based Stereotactic Radiosurgery



Brachytherapy Implant

  • Long term side effects
  • Radiopharmaceuticals:  Samarium, yttrium
  • Total body irradiation
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Participants who wish to receive the full contact hour credit at the conclusion of this program must:

  • Complete and submit the post-test and evaluation.

The planners and presenters for this program have not disclosed any pertinent financial relationships or conflicts of interest. 

No commercial or non-commercial sponsor support was provided for this program.

The opinions expressed in this program are those of the participating faculty. Approval of this program does not imply endorsement by the approver (ONS) or ANCC of any commercial products discussed.

Some of the information contained in this program may be inconsistent with product labeling. Therefore, the official package inserts for all products mentioned should be consulted for complete prescribing information and a complete listing of indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, adverse reactions, and dosage and administration guidelines. Healthcare providers should exercise their own independent medical judgment in making treatment decisions.

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